The Breakfast Club Project: A New Musical

April 7th through April 9th, 2006Students from the production class at the University of Miami collaborate to create and produce an original musical. The Breakfast Club Project: A new musical is an adaptation of John Hughes’s 1984 film, The Breakfast Club. Though still in a workshop stage, audiences will have the opportunity to view the project at the University of Miami Hecht Studio Theatre on Friday, April 7th at 8pm, Saturday, April 8th at 2pm, and Sunday, April 9th at 7pm. During the fall 2005 semester, a producing class, consisting of fifteen students from a variety of different majors, came together to bring an original musical to the stage. This is a first among university campuses and with guidance of visiting professor/Broadway producer and Tony award winner Barry Brown, the students have participated in every angle of the producing process. This process began by choosing and agreeing upon a piece to produce that all the students were passionate about bringing to the stage. Once the piece was chosen, they recruited a composer, lyrists, and book writers from the class to transform the film. With the writing team in place the class then divided the other positions among themselves, which included: directors, casting director, musical director, stage manager, stage & light designer, costume designer, budget, press & publicity, box office, and various assistants. The event will take place at Hecht Room 225 and Hecht Studio Theatre. 1231 Dickinson Drive. University of Miami Coral Gables Campus. Admission is free of charge. By Stefany Allongo For more information, please contact [email protected]

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