Yolanda Sanchez

In summer, the song sings itself. From Jul 10th through October 10th, 2006Art @ Work is presenting recent paintings by Miami-based artist Yolanda Sanchez. The celebrated alternative art space has been exhibiting works of young and established contemporary artists in the waiting room of Dr. Mosquera’s orthodontics office in South Miami. Yolanda’s paintings invite viewers to engage in a sensory experience due to her colorful and expressionist style. Her works are inspired in the concept of the garden, as if she was encouraging viewers to innocently enter and explore that colorful universe existing only in her mind. Yolanda Sanchez is a Yale University MFA graduate and Fulbright scholar. Her works have been widely exhibited in South Florida. The Art @ Work program is a collector’s projectroom, (There are not too many in Miami), that functions as an alternative space where many artists have been invited to exhibit their work. Dr, Mosqueras’ office is located outside the urban “art circuits”, but it certainly provides a segment of Miami’s population that is not necessarily linked to the current local art exuberance with a nice opportunity to access contemporary art. For more info please call: 305.264.3355

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