Kunsthaus Miami

Alonso Mateo. Full-Body Portrait From Sep 9th through Oct 14th, 2006Kunsthaus Miami, located in Wynwood Art District is featuring a solo exhibition by Alonso Mateo titled Full-Body Portrait. This exhibition is a pictorial show that meets the traditional sense of painting as well as its social role in contemporary society. Alonso’s paintings are loaded with sarcasm referencing social distinction and class. As he deals with the full body as a genre of painting, he recreates today’s aristocracy depictions, or what it is left of it, for example, the few monarchs and multi-millionaires of the world today. Alonso Mateo has created a personal language by using distorted forms. His portraits of the rich and famous appear enlarged like reflections on a funhouse mirror, or perhaps like images extracted from old television broadcasts. He uses paintings to represent the frivolity of the notion of social strata and its transformation into something that is vanishing, almost non-existent while new standards of wealth and power are set. For more information, please call: 305.438.1333

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