Art at St. Johns

Upcoming Events. From Sep 28th through Oct 12th, 2007.

Miami EventsArt at St. John is presenting the visual arts exhibition A Place to Call Home together with a panel, film screening and demonstration at Soya and Pomodoro in Downtown Miami. The theme of the exhibit centers on "home" as a place of attachment and identity, the loss of home, displacement from home, and homelessness. Artists in the exhibition include Xavier Cortada, Luis Valle, Matt Stock, Eric Walton, Scott Hickey, Jamie Crooke, Ignacio Font, Ed King, Diego Romero, Jean Villamizar and Georgia Brown.

The exhibition will open to the public on September 28th with a live experiential demonstration by Ana Miranda and Lela Lombardo. Later on October 5th, there will be the screening of the documentary West Coconut Grove – A Sense of Place by Cinfinity, Inc. For the closing reception on October 12th, a panel discussion will take place presenting panelists Carol Hoffman-Guzman, Director of Arts at St Johns; Dr. Elsa Orlandini, licensed psychologist; Elizabeth Acosta, Human Services Coalition; Olga Golik, Esq., Citrus Health Network, Inc; among others

For more information, please call: 305.613.2325

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