Artist as Neuroscientists: A Visuo-cognitive Safari at Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Oct 23-Nov 13, 2019

In 2013, Russell D. Hamer, PhD a visual neuroscientist who studies how the eye and brain process light information to create our rich visual world,
took an audio tour of an exhibition of Rene Magritte’s art at MOMA in NYC.

The tour’s descriptions were interesting, full of historical context, but
missing any basic understanding of the visual perception “tricks” that Magritte so masterfully employed in his paintings. Driven by curiosity and
admiration for the art, Dr. Hamer began to write about Magritte’s work.

Join in the discovery as we analyze several of Magritte’s iconic paintings
from the unique point-of view (POV) –the visual and brain mechanisms that are evoked by his surreal designs. Like a neuroscientist, Magritte
deliberately revealed our visual brain processes in action! Most discussions of art are from an art-critic’s perspective, but this course will add a new
dimension to your appreciation of art.

1. Introduction to Art & Visual Neuroscience (JM Family Studio)
2. Representation in Art & Brain: Magritte’s “La Condition Humaine” (JM Family Studio)
3. How Do We Perceive Objects to Be Organized In 3-D From a 2-D Painting? Magritte’s “Le Blanc Seing” (JM Family
4. Representation of Emotion and Our Inner Lives: Magritte’s “Les Jours Gigantesque” (Abdo New River Room)
*Please note ticket includes all 4 lectures in this class title*

JM Family Studio Theater at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts

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