Artist Francisco Masó’ Surreptitious Stripes at Connect New Room

Through Sun 20 Aug, 2017

Cuban artist Francisco Masó’ Surreptitious Stripes includes two abstract-geometric painting propositions, 20 pieces each, that form part of the “Registro estético de fuerzas encubiertas” Series. The exhibition was curated by North + South (Katherine Chacón and Jim Peele). This Series includes pictures and videos of social control episodes that took place in modern Cuba. These depict street fights between people acting in a confusing environment, in which opponents may not be differentiated from each other. Masó identifies in the audiovisual material the re-occurrence of linear color patterns, which act as a social control mechanism. The clothing establishes a silent, subconscious difference between those that wear them and those that don’t.

Francisco Masó (b. Havana, Cuba) is a visual artist that lives and works in Miami. He graduated in Scenery Design at the Institute of Superior Arts in 2014. He also graduated from the Behavioral Art School directed by Tania Bruguera (2009 – 2008) and the Bellas Artes Academy from San Alejandro (2007 – 2003).

Connect Now Room

3212 NE, 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137


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