Austrian Design through Julius Klinger/Seite Zwei at The Wolfsonian–FIU

Fri 6 Oct, 2017 - Sun 1 Apr, 2018
FIU unveils a pair of graphic design presentations, historic and contemporary, under the shared theme of “identity.” Exhibition Julius Klinger: Posters for a Modern Age presents the work of this pioneer graphic artist of the early 20th century, being the first U.S. solo show devoted to the designer. Complementing Julius Klinger is Double Vision, a two part contemporary installation by Vienna based design studio Seite Zwei.
Klinger’ retrospective marks a unique opportunity for visitors to experience  in one place over 100 posters, prints, drawings, and book illustrations from his prolific career . On the other hand Zwei’ site specific intervention incorporates perception shifting lenticular prints dissecting the “graphic DNA”of Klinger’s work, activating the museum with typefaces, abstract forms, and bold color schemes. Both projects delve into issues of dual identities in graphic design and will be of special focus for Miami Art Week 2017.
The Wolfsonian–FIU Museum
1001 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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