Can I touch it? at Mindy Solomon Gallery

Through Sat 14 Oct, 2017
Mette Tommerup. Karl Johan Street, 2017. Oil on canvas. 60 x 72.

More often than not, gallery visitors are warned about not to touch artworks. Museum limit access to valuable works and many are displayed under security glass. Artworks are valuable fragile commodities. The desire to fondle, rub, squeeze and pinch is hard to discourage. Sometimes people flick and knock on things. Why? Where is their sense of decorum? Apparently the old adage “with your eyes, not your hands” was not conveyed to them in grade school. Still I get it. I want to touch too.

Artists featured in this exhibition are Alec Egan, Mandy Lynn Ford, Bobby Mathieson, Sophia Narrett, and Mette Tommerup. All create works that invite to be tactically explored. From overt non-traditional two-dimensional medium to thick and trompe l’oeil, each work speaks appeals to a “surface, texture and/or material narratives”. Can I Touch It paradoxically encourage viewers to exercise containment while delighting in visual sensations.

Mindy Solomon Gallery
8397 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138

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