"Chromatic Perceptions"

Fri 7 Oct, 2016 - Sat 5 Nov, 2016

This two man show by Colombian Danny Esquenazi & Venezuelan Aureliano Parra reunites these talented established artists from Latin-America. Navigating between Geometric Abstraction and Neo-Kinetics, Esquenazi & Parra have found a way to reinvent these movements by embracing technology in the creative process and through the use of non-traditional materials.

“Chromatic Perceptions” is exclusively composed by wall sculptures; showcasing the most recent works from these artists. Optical illusion is obviously part of the exhibition, where materials such as wood, metal and Mylar acetate play a key role in the portrayal of depth, color gradation and transition.

Esquenazi (Colombia, 1975) has updated geometric abstraction with works that bring together quite diverse elements: the playful pleasure of the child who puts together an erector set into infinite shapes; the expertise of a medieval craftsman to transmute wood into an unheard of form; the compositional and perceptual study and understanding of kineticism and of visual art; and the ability to convert the world’s timeless fascination with colors into hybrid works – from three dimensional painting to abstract sculptures – constructed with mathematical precision. – Adriana Herrera Tellez, Ph.D.

Parra (Venezuela, 1980) transforms the contemporary experience of the cities seen from a skyscraper, the nervous geometry of the urban bodies, illuminated and in perpetual movement, into the alphabet of a language that renews the abstract geometric tradition. The constructive principle is both meticulous and random. His interwoven curtains in colored Mylar are an inciting substrate for the perceptive experience. – Adriana Herrera Tellez, Ph.D.

“Chromatic Perceptions” will be open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm for those who would like to become acquainted to or rediscover the work of these two amazing artists.

Canale Diaz Art Center
146 Madeira Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(786) 615-2622

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