Collins Waterfront Architectural District Moves Forward

Oct 2011.

Miami Beach’s Collins Waterfront Architectural District is one step closer to being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The State of Florida’s Historic Preservation Review Board voted unanimously to recommend that the federal government list the district on its prestigious register. The effort to obtain the listing was the result of the hard work of many dedicated historic preservationists in Miami Beach.

Back at its May 4, 1998, meeting, the City of Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board directed staff to proceed with research and prepare a preliminary evaluation and recommendation relative to identifying and proposing historic designation protection to areas, sites, and structures along the Collins Avenue corridor north of the National Register Historic District; Over the past years the Planning Department has intensively researched the areas along the Collins Avenue corridor, including Indian Creek Drive, Harding Avenue, and the cross streets from 22nd Street to 87th Terrace, as well as the Lake Pancoast multi-family residential neighborhood due west of the lake; staff has developed several volumes of historical documentation.

If listed, the Collins Waterfront Architectural District would be Miami Beach’s fourth nationally listed district, so keep your fingers crossed Miamians!

Miami Design Preservation League

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