Concrete Jungle: Narrative of Presence at Bridge Red Studios

Sep 8th - Nov 10th, 2019

The exhibit includes South Florida artist Adrienne Chadwick’s numerous fragile and intimate ceramic dwellings. Meditating on community, resources and accessibility. Late Miami/New York artist, Duane Hanson’s rare Polaroid highlighting the value in the “everyday” individual. South Florida artist, Ralph Provisero’s expansive geometric earth works speak to our contemporary situation not limited to Florida’s changing landscape. Los Angeles based artist, Sofia Cordova’s, no relation to the curator, reclaimed syncretic pillars whose codes intersect the known and unknown.. lo sagrado. Equally, Karen Rifas and Robert McKnight’s sculptures ground the secular and spiritual shadows of our own presence.
– william cordova

Artists: Onajide Shabaka, Yanira Collado, Sofia Cordova, Adrienne Chadwick, Ashley Wyche, Francisco Maso, Dona Altemus, Alexis Sanfied, Devora Perez, lou anne colodny, Robert Thiele, Robert Huff, Carol Todaro, Robert McKnight, Karen Rifas, Duane Hanson, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, Ralph Provisero, Matt Manalo, Gavin Perry, Susan Weiss, Kevin Arrow

Curated by William Cordova

Sep 8th – Nov 10th, 2019
OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, Sep 8th, 4 – 7PM
CLOSING RECEPTION: Sunday, Nov 10th, Noon – 3PM

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