Embracing the Lens: The BlackFlorida Project at HistoryMiami

Mar 20 - Oct 11, 2020

The photography of Johanne Rahaman, and curated by Dr. Jeffreen M. Hayes, this exhibition presents images from the BlackFlorida project, an archive of photographs and personal histories that documents the people and everyday life of Florida’s Black communities.

Depicting rural towns and inner cities spanning the entirety of the state, the project seeks to provide an alternate perspective on these marginalized communities by highlighting their richness through images of entrepreneurship, beauty, sensuality, aging, mortality, youth, and resilience. Embracing the Lens features portraits and street photography, as well as landscape, architectural, and still life images, while incorporating personal stories and items related to the people documented by Rahaman as part of the BlackFlorida project.

Opening Reception
Mar 19, 2020

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