Jewish Museum

Three-part presentation by Lynn Whitelaw. May 15th, 2008. 7:30 p.m.

Jewish Museum of Florida. Miami Art Museums
At the Jewish Museum of Florida Lynn Whitelaw, Director, Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, St. Petersburg College in Tarpon Springs, FL will provide a three-part presentation to complement the museum’s exhibit In the Beginning by modern artist Abraham Rattner. “Rebel With a Cause” is Whitelaw’s assessment of Rattner as a Figurative Expressionist within the current spectrum of 20th century art history. In the Beginning by Abraham Rattner is a portfolio of twelve original lithographs based on text taken from the Old Testament of the Bible.

Prior to developing the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, Mr. Whitelaw was Curator of Education at the Tampa Museum of Art where, in 1996, he received the Innovator of the Year award by the Florida Association of Museums. In addition, Mr. Whitelaw served as a presenter for the Smithsonian Institute and as an organizer of programs for a Lila Wallace/ Reader’s Digest Foundation-sponsored exhibition. Mr. Whitelaw is a graduate of Florida State University with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in History and Criticism of Art. He has studied Renaissance Art and 19th century American Expatriates in Florence, Italy.

For more information, please call: 305.672.5044

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