Lara Favaretto' BLIND SPOT exhibited at The Bass Museum

Through Apr 19, 2020

Incorporating paintings, sculpture and interactive installations, Lara Favaretto: Blind Spot presents an arrangement of new and recent works alongside ongoing series from the artist’s practice. The exhibition also features a new, site-specific work commissioned for the museum’s permanent collection.

Favaretto embraces the idea of constant change, creating works of art and situations that are in flux. Though often humorous and playful, her works address more serious matters such as decay, consumption and loss. Using elements like obsolete technologies to subtly refer to the passing of time, Favaretto incorporates found materials that are repurposed in her work. These upcycled materials – such as found paintings, discarded books and weathered construction materials – serve as commentary on the lifecycle of material detritus. Favaretto’s oeuvre highlights her interest in exploring ideas of the survival of certain objects over others, while contemplating their legitimacy in relation to the forgotten and exposing their inevitable destiny of wear, corrosion, erosion and breakage.

Lara Favaretto (b.1973, Treviso, Italy) lives and works in Torino. Her work ranges from site-specific installations, audiovisual installations and performances to found objects, paintings, photography and sculptures. Her investigations explore the ambivalence of aesthetic forms and concepts of negation, the durability of objects and the ephemeral nature of events. Lara Favaretto’s work is always the outcome of profound conceptual researches. Her practice is a balance between failure and aspiration and by interacting with spaces, it emerges in powerful, almost violent, actions while appearing with stunning aesthetic quality.

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