Leica Store Miami’ Opening Exhibition of John Botte & muse Elicia Ho

Thu Sep 12, 2019

A fine-art photography collection by the much-praised author of Aftermath, One Woman is an inspired collaboration between photographer and muse. Through John Botte’s masterful eye, Elicia Ho, a former ballerina, has realized a lyrical, visual diary of her becoming. Botte’s richly toned and beautifully lit signature images are reminiscent of the golden age of sumptuous portraiture à la Studio Harcourt and Cecil Beaton.

An invitation to celebrate the many layers of one’s own being, John Botte’s captivating photographs are accompanied by Elicia Ho’s insightful capsule texts about each persona portrayed in this homage to the many and varied people who, together, form the myriad facets of one woman. Also included are technical notes by Botte detailing his exclusive choice of Leica’s M Monochrom camera for this body of work, as well as his use of vintage optics for the differing moods and eras evoked in these images.

Opening Reception
Sep 12, 2019, 7 PM

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