Little Havana Bungalows at Risk!

August 2012.

A number of local residents, business owners and developers are concerned about the number of historic Little Havana bungalows that have been razed (destroyed) in recent months – sometimes just to make way for a parking lot. Little Havana has more bungalows than any other neighborhood in Miami.

Besides being an important part of Miami’s architectural history, bungalows tend to be energy efficient and have an excellent record of standing up to hurricanes! In Southern California, bungalows are prized homes. In Little Havana, however, absentee owners of bungalows have allowed them to fall into disrepair, leading to code enforcement violations and then orders for the bungalows to be demolished.

A group of concerned locals has been organizing to protect the bungalows, even considering ways that they could be moved from properties where the owners would prefer to construct another type of building. These locals are working on workshops for aspiring bungalow owners and renovators.

If you are interested in joining their efforts, check out the new Facebook page, Miami Bungalow Project.

Miami Bungalow Project
Facebook Page

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