Local artist Jessy Nite opens a new Design, Illustration and Typographic Studio

June 2013.

Creative Jessy Nite is opening the Nite Writer, a typographic studio dedicated to hand-lettering, type and illustration. Launching at NiteWriter.co, Nite has produced an interactive pan and scan portfolio that allows viewers to explore the gamut of her hand-drawn typeface and design capabilities. Best known for her fine and public art projects, Nite Writer was conceived as an extension of the artist’s sassy aesthetic, catering to the palette of art directors and commercial clients. Nite is in constant production, creating project-specific, bespoke materials in a range of mediums and scale from identity and brand development, to custom artwork and experiential campaigns.

“For NiteWriter.co, I wanted a simple and fun way for people to interact with the large body of commercial work I have been producing over the last few years,” said Nite. “By presenting the studio side of my practice, I’m opening up to new opportunities and more collaborators across disciplines and industries. Nite Writer’s focus is, of course, custom lettering and illustration, but we have the capacity and experience to complete such a variety of projects that I look forward to seeing where our clients and ideas will take us.”

Infatuated with radical 80s skate lettering, Dadaism, fashion, hot-rod culture, modernism and graphic novel styles, Nite disarms viewers with familiar imagery, leaving them free to interpret her visuals for themselves. In a fall commission for MIAMI Magazine’s Anniversary event, Nite designed more than 200 “Werd Magnets” where guests mixed and matched hand-drawn words into sentences loaded with innuendo and vice. More recently, during Art Basel Miami Beach week 2012, the artist created a kaleidoscope installation that provided pedestrians with a portal into a world of candy-coated jewels, trapezoids and quaaludes.

Jessy Nite is a multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer, living and working in Miami. Specializing in interactive, experiential and site-specific installation, her bold narratives come alive through an array of pastel-colored typography, geometry and illustration. Nite has exhibited internationally, and her drawings and sculptures are part of several prestigious art collections. She has presented fine art projects in Miami, Newport, Provincetown, Burlington, Dallas, Sao Paulo and Bangkok; and has worked commercially for brands such as Fiat, Married To The Mob, and The Fader, and musicians Best Coast, LCD Soundsystem, Sleighbells, Soul Clap, Mayday, and NFA.

Nite Writer

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