Miami On Stage presents Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez's mujer_cita_MIA

From April 18 through 20, 2013.

“The Ladies’ Room is that ironic place of utmost privacy in public,” says artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez, about the location of her public-intervention video art installation mujer_cita_MIA. It premieres April 18-20 in the common areas of Miami-Dade County Auditorium (including the women’s restroom). This will be the first of her series of public installations tackling issues of concern to women, presented during FUNDarte’s Miami On Stage weekend of original music and art by Miami-based artists.

“The women’s restroom is a place where fleeting moments occur between random strangers. We wash our hands and apply lipstick in a mirror together and wish each other a nice day – after having just taken care of our other, more delicate personal matters,” says Dinorah. Imagine if, as we do this, we are surprised by the presence of a unique video-art piece on the wall. Then this unexpected work provokes us with images about issues we are discussing through social media, among friends in private and public places, and quite possibly, in the Ladies’ Room itself. Imagine if this unexpected provocation reminds us of our strength as women, of the difficulties we face daily, and our power to continuously evolve.” – Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez.

The artist presents the first installation of her new work mujer_cita_MIA in the theater’s Ladies’ Room, plus the lobby and the external façade (allowing men to also experience its premiere as they attend the Miami On Stage concerts).

In addition to addressing rape, domestic violence and gender discrimination it also showcases some of Miami’s most beloved female contemporary dancers and choreographers, inviting local women into a dialogue. She is extending her provocations onto social media via a confrontational presence on Facebook and Twitter as @mujer_cita_MIA.

“My vision as an artist and filmmaker has always been rooted in feminism,” adds Dinorah. “With the powerful opportunity to expand feminist theory and practice via new online channels, I feel this is a very opportune time to invade the public stream of consciousness with a project that confronts the issues of gender violence. I am strongly motivated by the disturbing news surrounding the recent tragic rape incident at Duke University. Does anybody know what really happened in the end?”

For this premiere presentation, the installations will consist of four videos exhibited in different areas of the theater. They coincide with concert performances presented by FUNDarte during the three-day Miami On Stage presentation: vocalist Leslie Cartaya on April 18th, percussionist Alfredo Chacon on April 19th, and rapero Mr. Haka on April 20th.

This year’s Miami On Stage showcases Latino artists who are fusing their ethnic roots with mainstream pop culture influences to create new original work in Miami.

Miami On Stage at the Miami Dade County Auditorium
2901 W Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33135

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