Mika Rottenberg at Bass Museum of Art

Mika Rottenberg, NoNoseKnows (AP), 2015. Video and sculptural installation. Dimensions variable, 6 variants with 1AP. Courtesy of the artist and Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York. Photography by Zachary Balber, courtesy of The Bass, Miami Beach.

Mika Rottenberg’s self-titled solo exhibition presents a selection of work created within the past two years. The exhibition occupies all galleries comprising the historic building of the museum and features the U.S. debut of several works, including NoNoseKnows (Artist Variant) (2015), a video and sculptural installation that combines fact and fiction, documenting a group of Chinese laborers who harvest pearls from oysters in ZhuJi, China, empty high rises near Shanghai and a set built in the artist studio in New York.

The work first debuted at the 56th Venice Biennial (2015). In a parallel gallery, a new variant of the artist’s recent commission for Skulptur Projekte Münster (opened June 2017) titled Cosmic Generator, will punctuate the space. Rottenberg’s work focuses on elucidating the mechanics of late-stage, global capitalism by way of absurd and poetic comparisons.

Bass Museum of Art
2100 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, 33139

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