Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA)

Anri Sala. From Dec 3rd through Mar 1st, 2009.  MOCA North Miami. Miami MuseumsPurchase Not by Moonlight is the first major museum exhibition of Anri Sala’s videos and photographs in the United States, featuring works from the late 1990s to the present. The exhibition is co-organized by the Contemporary Arts Center in the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art (Cincinnati) and the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami and is curated by Raphaela Platow, CAC Director and Chief Curator.

 in 1974 in Tirana, Albania, Sala lives and works in Berlin, Germany.     Several works in the exhibition reflect the social and political re-orientation that affected Albania and Eastern Europe following the collapse of the communist system. The narratives in these works devolve between the artist’s own experiences and memories, and that of the collective geographic and national. Other works focus on the ambiguity and political implications of language, different performative qualities of music, or single phenomena, such as a vibrating cymbal.

Sala’s presentations can be understood as choreographed installations in which the dialogue between the works and how visitors navigate the spaces of projected and ambient light and carefully composed soundtracks are all taken into consideration. In all of his works, Sala constructs carefully calibrated scenarios with specific cinematographic effects, especially in the play of light, shadow, and sound.

"I want to think about the space every time it is in question because my work is space-bound," Sala said in an interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist for a monograph on his work. "When you’re offered a show and given a space to work with, it is an invitation. My concern is how to invite the space back… I like to think about how a work connects to the space each time, and I want it to be as different as it can be. There is a point where you do not use the space just to show your work, but you use your work to release the space."

Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami
770 NE 125th Street
North Miami, FL     33161

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