PanAmerican ArtProjects Dallas

Howard Sherman. From Sept 12th through Oct 10th, 2009.

The Dallas, TX location of PanAmerican ArtProjects is currently showcasing the exhibition  Bloodthirsty Animal on Two Legs by   Houston artist Howard Sherman.

Sherman is an explosive and commanding painter at a pivotal moment in his career and Pan American is very excited for him to join our stable of important contemporary Texan artists.  With his gestural style, Sherman’s paintings conjure up the glory days of abstract expressionism, neo-expressionism of the 1980s, graffiti art, and color field / stain painting. Sherman views himself like a DJ, taking all that art history has to offer, remixing high modernism with low culture, and putting his own twist on it to make something fresh. The paintings broad themes deal with various manifestations of sex and consumerism set against a shattered abstract cityscape. Painting mostly on large-scale canvases, in true Texan fashion, bigger is really better for Sherman’s heroic and aggressive works, which benefit from plenty of breathing room.

Sherman drew a syndicated comic strip from 1993 to 2001 before earning his MFA from the University of North Texas in 2006. These days Sherman is depending more on his painting and less on mark-making to pull together each work, though drawing continues to play a role in Sherman’s paintings, often to define forms or iconography.  Playful in nature, these drawn elements bring a sprinkle of humor to Sherman’s increasingly sculptural paintings. Sherman’s most recent works show a new appreciation for the physicality and tactile quality of paint. Sherman received his first museum solo exhibition at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in 2008 from which they collected a piece. This is his first solo exhibition with Pan American Art Projects.

PanAmerican ArtProjects
1615 Dragon Street
Dallas, TX 75207

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