Pepe Mar’ Man of the Night at Locust Projects

Through Sat 20 Jan, 2018

Locust Projects presents Man of the Night, an immersive solo installation by Miami-based artist Pepe Mar. The installation excavates the entirety of his practice; the artist collages and assembles images of artifacts, gay ephemera and his personal archive to create a self-portrait that mines his identity and further explores his interest in queer spaces. For this exhibition, Mar has collected images from all of his collage and assemblage works from the past 15 years.

Of particular significance to the artist are his experiences in two gay cultural meccas: Miami and San Francisco. Mar went to art school in San Francisco when the city’s significant LGBT scene was near its epoch. After finishing art school, he moved to Miami, another gay epicenter where he would eventually firmly establish his artistic practice. As with many members of the LGBT community, the gay nightlife scene became a place of refuge and liberation for the artist. However, as these Miami establishments have shuttered due to gentrification, the artist has chosen to explore the idea of queer spaces in his work in greater and greater depth over the years.

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