Screening of Art 21 (Season 8) “Vancouver” at PAMM

Sep 22, 2016, 7 PM

PAMM will screen one of four new episodes from the “Art21: Art in the Twenty-First Century” series which reveals how specific artists engage with culture around them and how art affects our perspective of the world. “Vancouver” includes artists Liz Magor, Stan Douglas, Brian Jungen, and Jeff Wall.

ART21 is a nonprofit organization, celebrated as a global leader in presenting thought-provoking and sophisticated content about contemporary art, and the go-to place to learn first-hand from the artists of our time. ART21’s mission is to inspire a more creative world through the works and words of contemporary artists.

Pérez Art Museum Miami
1103 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132

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