The Museum of Florida Art

Three new exhibitions. From Jun 12th through Aug 23rd, 2009.

The Museum of Florida Art, Board of Trustees invites you to the opening of three new exhibitions: Confessions of a Suburban Primitive: Paintings by Carl Knickerbocker, Imagining Flora and Fauna: Oleda Baker, A Naive Painter and Eye of the Needle: Fiber Art by Katherine K. Allen, Eleanor A. McCain and Barbara W. Watler. All three exhibitions open to the public on June 12th, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.
On exhibit in the Main Gallery will be Confessions of a Suburban Primitive: Paintings by Carl Knickerbocker. Carl Knickerbocker is a true outsider artist. He describes himself as a Suburban Primitive and mainly paints large works. His work encompasses the world of politics, tourism and themes related to current cultural aspects of our society. These paintings will stir the imagination with their clever humor. Knickerbocker’s work is a unique blend of whimsy and provocation and becomes an antidote for what ails us in our fast paced, often frightening society. His work provides us with a paradox that is simultaneously entertaining and enlightening.
On exhibit in the Chris Harris Permanent Collection Gallery will be Imagining Flora and Fauna: Oleda Baker, A Naive Painter. Oleda Baker’s naive works evoke a dreamlike state. If one were to describe her paintings, one might say they were mysterious with the viewer having a sense of being part of the picture. At the very least, Oleda’s creations do not leave the viewer’s emotions untouched. Her style is of soft edges and rounded shapes. Henry Rousseau comes to mind as her work is related historically to his style. She paints what she imagines, sometimes specific, most times surreal, but always from her feelings. One feels drawn into the suggestion of a deeper narrative that seems to lurk within the decorative elements of these fine art fantasies.

On exhibit in the Dorothy Johnson Gallery, Libby West & Ann West Hall Gallery, and the Florida Art Gallery will be Eye of the Needle: Fiber Art by Katherine K. Allen, Eleanor A. McCain and Barbara W. Watler. This exhibit refers to the legacy of stitching and cloth as coming from and through the hands of women. The artists who comprise this exhibit are nationally and internationally known for their expressive power with thread, cloth and color. Barbara Watler has used fabric as her primary medium for 25 years. She holds a degree in Advertising Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. As a freelance illustrator she carries over her impeccable sense of style and design into her fine art fabric creations. Eleanor McCain feels that quilting is grounded in American history, family, community and common experience. Art quilts are a living document of cultural history expressing artistic, emotional and spiritual values, particularly those of women. Katherine Allen’s art works are a meditation on nature. She is interested in evoking keenly joyous moments in celebratory gestures and expressive colors. Each work begins with a piece of plain silk or cotton and then plant parts are used as stencils. Screen printing inks of various colors are used to transfer the stencils resulting in unpredictable and beautiful images.

The Museum of Florida Art
600 North Woodland Blvd.
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