Zones Art Fair Miami 2006

From Dec 7th through Dec 10, 2006Zones Art Fair Miami 2006 organized by Edge Zones will take place at The World Arts Building in Wynwood Art District. The 25,000 square feet arts complex that usually houses Edge Zones’s nine galleries, artists studios and a video theater, will be converted into a fair pavilion. The fair will be divided by different sections or Zones, each with a different curated exhibition that will include videos, paintings, photography, sculpture, performance and more. The hallmark of this inaugural fair will be Zone’s one person and thematic group shows, screenings and special events. The selection embraces established and emerging artists. A fully illustrated book published by Edge Zones, Miami, will follow the fair. Artists participating in Zones are Chad Abel, Nestor Arenas, Neil Bender, Mitch Blessing, Grant Bloodgood, Dirk Bonsma, Krescent Carasso , Claudio Castillo, Luis Lopez Del Castillo, Joy Christiansen, Brent Cole, Molly Decoudreaux, Carola Dreidemie,Tebelio Diaz, Lamia Endara, Angie Eng, Ivonne Ferrer, Patrick Flibotte, Brian Gefen, Anthony Goicolea, Seth Hoercher, Rachel Hoffman, Sue Irion, Jenny Jenks, Courtney Johnson, Luisa Johnson, Demet Koc, George Kuchar, Francesca Lalane, Cynthia Lovett, Billie Grace Lynn, Robert Miller,Patrick Craig Manning , David Marsh, Jordan Massengale, Alonso Mateo, Aldo Menendez, Elsa Carolina Muñoz, Charo Oquet, Julie Pagano, Victor Payares, Eva Peterson, Kerry Philips, Elizabeth Renfrow, Rosario Rivera-Bond, Christine Shank, Lazaro Sigler, Ryan Sivertsen, Kari Snyder, Kristen Thiele and Andrew Woon. For more information, please call: 305.303.8852

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