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The gallery that never sleepsNowadays, when so many new cultural and artistic initiatives arise in Miami, the name of Ambrosino Gallery jumps out of almost any conversation if the subject matter is contemporary art. Those who were around the “Lost Paradise” of the 80’s or came to Miami when its skyline was like a mockup of what it is today, may remember how many different “incarnations” Ambrosino Gallery has gone through since its creation in 1992. Ambrosino Gallery opened its doors for the first time in 1992 in the city of Coral Gables. During that time, a local manager designated by its owners, Michele and Rosanna, operated the gallery. The couple already owned Galería Euroamericana in Caracas, Venezuela, and brought with them a group of young Venezuelan artists they had already represented for a number of years. It was not until 1994 that Genaro Ambrosino, the son of Michele and Rosanna, took the gallery into a new direction. Genaro Ambrosino, a former trial attorney who started cultivating his artistic side through jewelry design, finally engaged with his passion as a gallery director. Right away, the gallery expanded its exhibition schedule to include the work of contemporary artists from Latin America who had never shown their work in the US before. During the following three years the gallery became known for its innovative calendar and keen selection of works in every exhibition. Despite the commercial success he obtained with his Latin American roster, Genaro Ambrosino kept looking for new challenges. During 1995, the gallery began incorporating artists from other parts of the world in its exhibitions. In 1996, the gallery moved from its location on Ponce de Leon Boulevard to a 10,000 sq. ft. space off Bird Road where it operated until March of 2000. The new warehouse provided Genaro Ambrosino with the possibility to host a kind of art that was rarely seen in private spaces in Miami. Every time, the gallery was transformed by the artists who where really seizing the opportunity to work in such an amazing space. Many memorable exhibitions took place there. It didn’t take much time until the gallery’s reputation grew as to become a reference for contemporary art in South Florida. The “Itch of the Status-Quo”, what Ambrosino describes smiling as “his quest for new challenges”, urged him to move the gallery once again in May of 2000 to a space in North Miami, right across the Museum of Contemporary Art. The gallery holds now two separated spaces and a project room. Its exhibitions continue to be a must see among Miamians looking for contemporary art with a “diferente” appeal. Ambrosino Gallery is among the few galleries in Miami that has been consecutively invited to participate in Art Basel Miami Beach since the first edition of the fair in 2002. But Genaro Ambrosino loves to explore new horizons and will be participating in two other events for Latin American Art this year. The gallery will be presenting artists Pablo Soria, Raymond Saá and Raul J. Mendez at Merrill Lynch Arteamericas at the Coconut Grove Convention Center in March. Later in June, he will incorporate Cuban photographer Nestor Arenas to the other three artists while bringing their work to the premier of BaleLatina, another Latin American Art fair taking place in Basel, Switzerland for the first time. Is there any other major “incarnation” or unexpected change to come for Ambrosino Gallery? – “If I would only know”- Comments his proud owner smiling again “To me everything I do or believe in, is another step on the unstoppable path to promote my artists, which is what really makes me happy. The best part…”- he continues- “is that such path is full of surprises, good and bad. Thank God!!! “If not, can you imagine how boring life could be”? For more information please contact 305.891.5577

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