Art Bastion presents Portraits by Boris Chetkov

Feb 21, 2015

The exhibited works, twenty portraits and five additional genre paintings from his first mature period (1966 – 1989), are on generous loan from the Hoffman Art Institute founded by Peter Hoffman, Jr. It is the largest private collection of Chetkov paintings, many never-before-seen by the public. Opening the exhibition will be Russian art historian and broadcast journalist, Rosie Rockel, who has co-curated this thought-provoking exhibit with the Hoffman Art Institute. Ms. Rosie Rockel regularly presents arts coverage and is considered one of the leading critical voices on Russian 20th century and contemporary art.

Mr. Peter Hoffman, Jr., will be inaugurating the show, in addition to local and international Modern Art experts. They will consider the techniques and lasting relevance of Chetkov’s portraits, that depict the duality – public and private persona – and duplicity that living under communism engenders, a highly relevant topic in Miami today with Cuban/USA relations thawing.

The portraits reveal the innovation and rigor with which Chetkov set about his work, deftly conjuring an image from rough patches of thickly applied paint to create profoundly psychological portraits. The portraits, such as Eye of the Falcon, which transfixes with a single piercing eye, or Woman in Headdress, called up from an exquisite palette of sea-green and umber, pay testimony to his skill and dedication as an artist, persevering alone during a time when individual difference was discouraged under the Russian regime.

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