ArtServe’s Eco-Art Exhibition Travels to Broward

From July 5th through July 31st, 2006ArtServe’s Eco-Art Collection will be on display at the Broward County Governmental Center located at 115 South Andrews Avenue in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. The Eco-Art collection is the result of a collaboration between ArtServe, Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School, The Kids Ecology Corps, the Sun-Sentinel Children’s Fund and The Community Foundation of Broward. Five ArtServe artists, Michael Cairo, Vee Corallo, Patricia Saidon, Irwin Weintraub and Zee Wilson, participated in an exclusive opportunity to educate 75 children of Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School, about plants, trees, the ocean, air pollution, water and animals through their artistic talents and preferred art mediums. The excitement garnered invitations for the, now known, Eco-Art Exhibition to travel. Prior to being displayed at the Governmental Center, the Eco-Art exhibit was displayed in Fort Lauderdale’s City Hall and at ArtServe’s JM Family Enterprises Gallery. The three week program yielded a collection of work which was displayed during an Eco-Art Expo on for the children and their families. The collection features murals painted by the children depicting scenes from the everglades and from the ocean. There are also large sculptures made from vibrantly painted pieces of discarded Styrofoam. The children were taught how to capture nature in photos and then to digitally enhance the images. The collection is made complete with hand-painted t-shirts, painted to reflect the environmental awareness of the child artists’ minds. The complete collection fills the lobby with a great sense of pride for the conservation of the fragile environment. For more information, please call: 954.462.8190 x 207

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