Bridget Baker at Gallery Diet

From Jun 14th through Jul 26th, 2008.Gallery Diet. Miami Art GalleriesSouth African artist Bridget Baker will be opening her first solo exhibition in Miami with Gallery Diet on June 14th 2008. The exhibition, "But we look so good in our uniforms" is rooted primarily in video and deals with what could be conceived as a contemporized view of feminism; incorporating popular culture, legendary historic female figures, and biblical references.

Baker is concerned with observing public and private methods of surviving the mundanity of adult responsibility, particularly tedious and difficult hourly labor. Her inconspicuous heroines are iconic and work to prove their invincibility. With one foot set in the fiction of popular figures, the other is set in the economy of the everyday.

Bridget Baker has exhibited around the globe at various institutions including the Joao Ferreira Gallery and The National Gallery in Cape Town, Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, Liste, Basel, The Austin Museum, Austin and Spanierman Contemporary in New York, among others. She will also be among the first artists to participate in the newly founded Fountainhead Residency in Miami, Florida, which is generously hosted by the Mikesell family.

For more information, please call: 305.571.2288

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