CCE Miami presents Culture, Alternatives, Diversity and Rights

From Sep 15th through Oct 13th, 2006Centro Cultural Español Miami just opened the Graphic Design exhibition Culture, Alternatives, Diversity and Rights, sponsored by Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional. The exhibition features designers from Spain, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, México and Paraguay who were commissioned to make a poster on the topic of Cultural Rights. Culture, Alternatives, Diversity and Rights was curated by Norberto Chaves and Alvaro Sobrino and features designers Gerardo Amechazurra, Carlos Arredondo, Ricardo Assis, Juan Berrio, Pep Carrió, Sonia Sánchez, Jose M. Cruz Novillo, Arnulfo Espinosa, Rubén Fontana, Zalma Jalluf, Francisco Javier Gálvez, Geraldine Gillmore, Pepe Gimeno, Juan Heilborn, Connie Hunter, Pablo Martín, Pepe Menéndez, Hoa Melgar, Monserrat Karras, Eric Olivares, Jacobo Pérez-Enciso, Nelson Ponce, Lalo Quintana, Rolando Carlos, Daniel Roldán, Javier Royo, Hermenegildo Sábat, America Sanchez, Antonio Serrano, Jaime E. Tamriz, and Felipe Taborda. For more information, please call: 305.448.9677

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