Conversations at Ambrosino Gallery

Through May 13th, 2006Ambrosino Gallery presents Conversations, a group exhibition curated by Sharon Louden. Since December 2004, Genaro Ambrosino and Sharon Louden, artist and curator of this exhibition, were discussing some of Sharonís artist friends and their artworks. Genaro suggested then that Sharon curated an exhibition of her friendís work. Several conversations led Sharon and Genaro to the idea that finally gave shape to the exhibition; while verbal conversations happen at various events and groupings, what would it be like for Sharon’s friendís work to converse with one another? With this premise in mind, the curator has “paired” artists whose work apparently “communicated”. Then, called each one of the artists individually and asked them what they thought of the work done by the other artist with whom she had conceptually paired. If both artists felt that there was a connection, a successful association was made. These 9 pairings of works include the following artists: Jean Shin and Su Stockwell / Peter Drake and David Humphrey. Joshua Stern and Brian Novatny / Fred Liang and Mark Sheinkman. Amanda Church and Jeff Spaulding / Robin Rose and Theresa Chong. Charlotta Westregren / Jennifer Nuss. Tomas vu Daniel and Jennifer Coates / Julie Evans and Maggie Michael. Works exhibited in Conversations speak to each other at many different levels; with volume, color, characters and content, generating a very dynamic dialogue with the audience. For more information, please call: 305.891.5577

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