Dorsch Gallery presents David Marsh

From Jun 11th through Jul 10th, 2010.

altDorsch Gallery is currently presenting in direct quote, a solo show by David Marsh following his recent MFA thesis exhibition at the University of Miami. Marsh’s new work produced for this show reveals an artist with a strong foundation who is actively and quickly evolving. Despite the influence of his mentors and other artists (including Darby Bannard, Jules Olitski, and more recently Robert Thiele), Marsh is consistently developing his own visual language through a rigorous process of inquiry. He is squarely committed to abstraction, affirming its relevance as a living practice.

Marsh’s paintings are a product of the constant challenges he places upon his materials, techniques, and even his own assumptions as a painter. He tends to work in layers, adding and subtracting material, exploring the effects of each element, and uncovering earlier gestures. The result is a finely tuned balance between extremes. The work included in this exhibition makes bold use of scale and form, yet retains a delicately handled surface. In contrast to the heroic scale of some of the paintings, a close view is rewarded by subtle details of image and texture. Drawing emerges out from under broad and bright washes of paint and strips of heavy fabric. At times, he even employs distinctly feminine imagery, including flower shapes torn off an old quilt. The paintings are, in keeping with his intentions, very alive – they offer a rich experience for the viewer to dive into, bringing his or her own sets of influences and references to have a fresh and personal experience of the work.

Dorsch Gallery
151 NW 24th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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