Hernan Bas

Works from the Rubell Family Collection. Through November 28th, 2008.
Rubell Family Collection. Miami Arts
A graduate of New World School of the Arts, Hernan Bas has gone on to become one of Miami’s most celebrated artists. His work indulges in the production of romantic, melancholic and old world imagery, and makes reference to Wilde, Huysmans and other writers of the Aesthetic and Decadent period in literature. This exhibition includes thirty-eight works collected by the Rubell family over the course of a decade, and represents each of Bas’ series completed thus far. Designed like the chapters of a book, the exhibition presents the development of this young artist in such a manner to allow for symbolic, literal and poetical readings. Bound in the works’ romantic storytelling, art history references, grand gesture and melding of the conceptual, the viewer still feels a strong sense of humanity. Real stories told of real boys with deeply held feelings. An artist expressing his experience, his history, his desires, his world, and his place in that world right now – both as artist and individual.

For more information, please call: 305.573.6090

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