Inaugural Home Show Exhibit Allows Viewers to Fully Understand Artists Intentions and Become, "At Home with Art"

March 27-30, 2015
La Pieta by Bradley L. Bowers, H: 72.5" x W: 61" x D: 16.5" Material: Oxidized Red Oak, Red Oak, Hardened Steel.
La Pieta by Bradley L. Bowers, H: 72.5″ x W: 61″ x D: 16.5″ Material: Oxidized Red Oak, Red Oak, Hardened Steel.

From North Miami’s The Fountainhead Studios to the South’s Deering Estate at Cutler, 7 uniquely curated exhibits will represent a sample of the diversity and range of art available close to home. 22 artists along with art districts spokespersons and interior designers will be on hand to discuss how art can be used as the departure point for a design concept in the home or office space.

Treachery by Adriana Carvalho, Mixed media
Treachery by Adriana Carvalho, Mixed media

“Experiencing art and design during this epoch is challenging, for there is no movement or theme that is pervasive, and art fairs have created an environment like that of a wishing well – whatever you desire you will find, and thus we are subject to a vast spectrum of ideas, materials, and levels of skill,” comments David Zalben, artist and co-founder of Pink Bastard, who is curating the Miami Downtown Art District (MDAD) booth. “The Home Design and Remodeling Show is all about the artist and their work, minus the pomp and circumstance. The opportunity to speak with the artist who invented, researched and produced the artwork, is a chance to fully understand their intentions.”

Zalben alongside MDAD participating artists Cesar Rey, Rafael Consuegra, Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille, and Adriana Carvalho will present, “The Living Room” with a site-specific installation titled, “Faith” by Carvalho, a resident artist at The Artisan Lounge.

While Paolo Ambu and Marco Beria (of The Fountainhead Studios) favor a minimalist, abstract style, they diverge in their use of color and media. Ambu’s art has a minimalistic, almost meditative, quality that is reflected by his quest for an elusive moment of stillness, whereas Beria’s vibrant color palette achieves a subtle yet intriguing perception of movement reflective in a geometrical expression of nature.

Organic Variation #223" by Paolo Ambu, Mixed media on recycled drywall, 2014. 24 x 24 inches
Organic Variation #223″ by Paolo Ambu, Mixed media on recycled drywall, 2014. 24 x 24 inches

The sculptures of Emanuele Viscuso, who will present a solo exhibition of his works, speak of movement and rhythm, of harmony and, therefore, of music. Viscuso, who is also an accomplished pianist and composer, is internationally recognized for his 45-foot-large sculpture “Wave-bridge on the Imaginary” located at the Milan Malpensa International Airport.

“Wynwood is a place of inspiration, innovation and excitement. At a time when the Art District is poised for even greater attention and influence, this series of artwork celebrates the depth of creativity the community fosters,” remarks Tina Salvesen a resident artist of the Bakehouse Art Complex. Salvesen will exhibit works from her “Piercing the Veil” series to which charcoal, ink, and dyes on archival paper are buried for 9 to 23 days during Miami’s wet season, and then, removed and dried – the final impressions allude to the Spirit’s coming and going between the material and ethereal realms.

Portrait of Avraham” by Miguel Rodez mix medium on canvas, 6.5’ round
Portrait of Avraham” by Miguel Rodez mix medium on canvas, 6.5’ round

Salvesen will exhibit her paintings with the works of fine art photographer, David Gary Lloyd; metal sculptor, Sandra Garcia-Pardo; and designer, Bradley L. Bowers.

Little Havana Art District artists, Agustin Gainza and Santos Mendez capture the color and energy of their Cuban roots in two distinctive styles, while Katey Penner is inspired by music, people, and her surroundings. She combines these passions by using a portrait style of layering loose and colorful palette knife strokes with brush detail, reflecting a glimpse of Little Havana.

The Bird Road Art District booth will have a black and white backdrop with splashes of color and diverse style presentations by artists: Miguel Rodez, MANO, Gabriel Saldivia, Sandy Levy, and Jane Harris.

Finally, artist Klara Chavarria of Coral Gables and Gerry Stecca of the Deering Estate at Cutler juxtapose Chavarria’s paintings with Stecca’s clothespin sculptures. Chavarria’s works are rooted in the process of exploration into the inner and spiritual aspects of our lives and its connections to the physical world, and Stecca’s Biomorphic sculptural works infer rather than imitate life forms.

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Show hours:
March 27-30, 2015
Friday 4:00 pm -10:30 pm
Saturday 12:00 pm -10:30 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm -7:30 pm
Monday 6:00 pm -10:30 pm

Participant Artists

Paolo Ambu (The Fountainhead Studios)
Marco Beria (The Fountainhead Studios)
Bradley L. Bowers
Sandra Garcia-Pardo (ArtLink Gallery)
David Gary Lloyd
Tina Salvesen (Bakehouse Art Complex)
Emanuele Viscuso
Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille (McCormick Place)
Adriana Carvalho (The Artisan Lounge)
Rafael Consuegra (The Gallery at McCormick Place)
Cesar Rey (The Artisan Lounge)
David Zalben (Pink Bastard)
Agustin Gainza
Santos Mendez
Katey Penner (Futurama)
Jane Harris
Sandy Levy
Miguel Rodez
Gabriel Saldivia (White’s Art Gallery)
Klara Chavarria
Gerry Stecca (Deering Estate at Cutler)

The Home Design and Remodeling Show
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Dr.,
Miami Beach, 33139


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