Innerland Photos. Gory at Chelsea Galleria

From May 13th through June 6th, 2006Cuban-American artist Gory (Rogelio Lopez Marin) debuts his latest exhibition of ground-breaking fine art photography, Innerland, at Chelsea Galleria Wynwood on Saturday, May 13 from 7 to 10 PM at 2441 NW 2nd Avenue as part of the Wynwood Art District’s Second Saturdays gallery night. The opening also inaugurates Chelsea Galleria’s newly renovated gallery center on 2nd Avenue in Wynwood. Innerland marks a revolutionary new technical approach for Gory, who is renowned for his development of hand-toned silver gelatin prints evoking the sense of unreality that accompanies the dislocation of migration and loss of one’s roots. Gory’s new series, shot in Miami, are his first digital works. By integrating black and white and color photography, Innerland creates a portrait of a Miami’s suburban environment frozen somewhere between dream and reality. Again, Gory seeks out the extraordinary in the ordinary: piercing boats in storage, vintage cars in unlikely interior settings, combinations of banal and elegant architectural elements, and Cristo-like draped buildings undergoing termite eradication. These new images of Gory’s depart dramatically from his usual subtle palette of beige and indigo, exploring the potential of the digital process to create a full-color spectrum. A strong sense of dislocation and uneasiness with the commonplace emerges from the integration of black and white and color in the same image, subtly mimicking the elusive colors of dreams. A vocabulary of images related to movement and departure – boats and cars – commingle with settings devoid of people to recall the sense of longing/belonging of the Cuban exile. Gory is one of the original eleven artists featured in the historic “Volumen I” exhibition in Havana that launched the careers of Jose Bedia, Ruben Torres Llorca, Jose Manuel Fors, and Tomas Sanchez. Gory’s work is represented in the permanent collections of numerous prestigious museums and private collections, and is featured on the cover of the book Shifting Tides: Cuban Photography After the Revolution published by The Los Angeles County Museum of Art to accompany their exhibition of the same title. In addition to Innerland, a new album by Adrian Lopez, photographer/composer and son of Gory, will be inaugurated at the exhibition. For more information, please call: 305.576.2950

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