A.S.T. (Alliance of the Southern Triangle)
 exhibits at ArtCenter/South Florida

Through Sun 8 Apr, 2018

Intertidal offers a multi-disciplinary experience of what Miami might look like as the seas continue to rise. Visitors will be immersed in a series of newly commissioned videos, audio and wall drawings by A.S.T. This exhibit imagines Miami as an intertidal zone, an area above water at low tide, yet flooded at high tide. How could Miami adapt to live with water? How could the city change its infrastructure, economy and ecology to survive rising tides? Intertidal opens the door to conversations about the future of life in coastal South Florida.

A.S.T. (Alliance of the Southern Triangle) is a working group of artists, architects and a curator led by Diann Bauer, Felice Grodin, Patricia Margarita Hernández and Elite Kedan. The project is committed to exploring how the trajectories of a city’s urban and social development can be altered and redirected through the adaptation of the networks that already control it. Paired with creative rethinking of what a city can be, A.S.T. uses the interdisciplinary space of art to function as a platform upon which to conceive possible futures that are both responsive and propositional with regard to the shifting set of legal, economic, cultural and environmental forces that confront us. They have presented artwork, research seminars, lectures–among other forms–at History Miami Museum, The Schmidt Centre Gallery, Boca Raton, Multimedia Cultural Centre, Split and the Sharjah Biennale, drawing and design work for Art Papers and The Miami Rail.

ArtCenter/South Florida
924 Lincoln Road, Suite 205
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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