Liset Castillo

From June 10th through July 31st, 2006Luis Adelantado Miami presents a solo exhibition of works by the Cuban born artist Liset Castillo. The exhibition features a new series of photographs, sculptures and installations that question the manner in which the world is constructed and the violent environment in which it has been shaped. For Castillo, labyrinths, arches and other geometric forms are a means of describing civilization’s history. They represent the mathematical calculations that are underlying in all the structures of power and order, past, present and future and serve as a metaphor for humanity’s journey through time, mythology, architecture, landscape and all human behavior. Her project reveals that ultimately, all ideal urban and social forms are a little dehumanizing; nature and landscape appear as a mute witness to man’s actions. As in past works, Castillo continues to have a fetish like attention to material, shape and structure. “I feel a natural connection to sculpting sand because it is a primitive manner of generating ephemeral forms and unnatural scenarios. With sand I can try to build a perfect “fake” world … You could also say it is an elaboration on the relationship between nature and artifice, a contemplative look at the contradictions between reality and representation, construction and destruction.” Contemporary experience is the result of bloody wars, history, mythology, religion, imperial and metropolitan structures, construction and deconstruction, reality and fiction. All of these factors come together in the composition of everyone of the works and they fall apart too. For more information, please contact: 305.438.0069

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