miArte Gallery shows Abstract Views

Featuring MANO and George Rodez Through April 28th, 2007Abstract Views, the current exhibition at miArte Gallery, showcases the colorful and creative exuberance that MANO and George Rodez are known to bring to the canvas. The exhibit features selections from MANO’s latest series Las Pescadoras/ Wives of the Fisherman and new works from George Rodez’s Elements and Values collection. Las Pescadoras is a collection of color and rich textures epitomized by a collage technique that MANO has developed over the years using tea bags and handmade papers rolled directly onto the canvas and then painted. The collection is linked by the recurrent images of women often enigmatic in nature, each holding or grasping for an abundance of fish. It is not MANO’s immediate concern that the viewer try to interpret the meaning of his work but rather that the observer be transported to an absolute place and moment. In George Rodez’s Elements and Values it is the unique technique employed by the artist rather than the subject matter that ties the series together. Rodez approaches the process of creating his works in a manner he describes as purely expressionistic and abstract in nature. Starting with a black canvas, he applies multiple generations of color using spatulas and brushes. He then steps away from his creation to view the colorful formations and allows for the hidden images to surface. It is then that he brings these images to life on the canvas.

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