Photographs by Meg Pukel

Street Life: Miami’s Urban Transformation From Dec 7th, 2006 through Mar, 2007This December, Miami photographer Meg Pukel will be premiering her latest series, Street Life, a captivating look at the city’s urban metamorphosis. The photographs will be exhibited at Metro 1 Properties, Inc., a vertically integrated urban real estate and marketing firm. Pukel, a Miami native, is focused on capturing the imposition that one force has on another. Her previous projects have involved incorporating the essence of the female body with the femininity of city scenery to create a process where the two elements work together to form a dialog of undisputed beauty. Pukel is well-known for projecting her photos on trees, buildings, and other transient settings to create a refreshing and innovative style of art. In this exhibition, Pukel will be illustrating the transition of urban Miami over the last several years. There is beauty and wonder which we all see while driving through the streets of Miami that most of us take for granted, but Meg is able to capture this allurement on film. The vivid colorfulness of the city is exemplified in her work, and can be appreciated by everyone. The photographs will be displayed on print and will be complimented by projections throughout the space. For more information, please call: 305.571.9991

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