Swampspace presents La Maison du Désir/The House of Desire: Lea Nickless & Conrad Hamather

From February 6 through March 9, 2013.

The Industrial Revolution generated a dialogue between artist and technology, which continues in La Maison du Désir/The House of Desire, a collaborative installation by artists Lea Nickless and Conrad Hamather. A pop-up boutique features atelier garment collections, “glitter bomb” objects referencing the luxury goods industry, monoprints and a video time-lapse drawing continuing the exchange between the digital and the body, technology and art, alongside the corporeal and the spiritual. The exhibition debuts an atmospheric floor by Atlanta-based designer Keith Frutiger. Situated at the epicenter of the Design District, an area presently being consumed by high-end luxury shops, Swampspace is the ideal venue for this exhibition where distinctions between desire and need, opulence and ease, value and worth are considered.

Conrad Hamather has been creating sculpture and installation work with a discourse on body and architecture for the last two decades. A faculty member at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Hamather teaches in the Department of Fashion Design.

Artist and curator Lea Nickless is interested in the unseen, the subliminal, with what is beneath the surface. She creates garments from eco-dyed silks that she patterns with leaves, seeds and windfall blossoms she collects on her daily walks. Her monoprints and a time-lapse video feature layers of pigment, shape and text.

Launched in 2008 from the studio of artist Oliver Sanchez in the Miami Design District, Swampspace Gallery presents monthly exhibitions of innovative talent. On the leading edge of Miami’s Arts Awakening, Swampspace defines a brand that is both sophisticated and unvarnished. Ocean Drive Magazine Brett Sokol called Swampspace “Miami’s Best Kept Art Secret”. Anne Tschida of the Biscayne Times said, “Sanchez is likely the most talented and prolific Miami Artist you’ve never heard of.” But the truth is everyone knows about Swampspace and the wizard behind the curtain. Now at a new deluxe location in the Design District, Swampspace continues to deliver cutting-edge exhibitions for arts lovers of varied lifestyles who converge sharing a unique creative experience. Because it is, perhaps, the preeminent artist-run project space in Miami, Swampspace is a recognized destination. Because it is the antithesis of commercial galleries and traditional non-profit institutions, Swampspace is aptly called the Un-Gallery. Because people are thirsty for culture, they visit Swampspace like mariners to Morocco.

Swampspace Gallery
150 NE 42nd Street
Miami, FL 33137

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