The de la Cruz Collection presents Terra Non Descoperta, A Project Room by Alfredo Jaar

Through May 11, 2013.

Alfredo Jaar. Terra Non Descoperta, 1991. View at de la Cruz Collection
The de la Cruz Collection is currently exhibiting an installation in the project room by Chilean-born artist, architect and filmmaker Alfredo Jaar. Three lightboxes with color transparencies sit on the floor. They show a beautiful sea in three parts. A text by Christopher Columbus is overlaid on the images, describing his obsession with finding gold.

The light boxes are placed some 20 inches from the wall where fifteen gold-framed mirrors hang horizontally facing the light boxes. Suddenly, a reflection appears on the mirrors. They show us images that are inset on the other side of the light boxes, the side facing the wall. They are gold miners from Serra Pelada, in the Brazilian Amazon. But the mirrors also reflect us. We find ourselves together with the miners in the space of the mirror.

The de la Cruz Collection
23 NE 41st Street
Miami, FL 33137

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