Trompe le Monde: Two Diverse Talents Converge at Markowicz Fine Art

April 17, 2014. 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Markowicz Fine Art, located in the heart of Miami’s Design District, debuts a new exhibit, “Trompe le Monde”, with an opening cocktail reception on Thursday, April 17th. The exhibit showcases the unique and divergent styles of Olivier Haligon and Steven Gagnon and celebrates their French heritage. Markowicz Fine Art is known for the depth and variety of its collection – from iconic Pop Art to historic lithographs. “Trompe le Monde” extols this same diversity, contrasting the simplicity and purity of the abstract in Haligon’s objects with the content-driven complexity of Gagnon’s multi-media works.

Steven Gagnon is a Miami Beach based artist whose paintings, sculptures and car video installations have brought him international acclaim. Gagnon’s work has been exhibited in museums across the United States and is represented in both public and private collections. His car video installations created a buzz at both 2008 Presidential Conventions and received significant attention at the Houston Fotofest Biennial as well as art fairs in Berlin, Cologne, Miami, New York, and Palm Beach. His art has been reviewed in such respected publications as the Wall Street Journal, Harper’s Magazine, the Miami New Times,, and and has been featured on billboards in Miami, New Jersey, New York City, and throughout California. Steven Gagnon’s art is conceptually-driven – providing incisive social commentary on pop American culture. Many of his pieces juxtapose familiar symbolism and imagery with sometimes contradictory concepts, exposing the common thread of Americanism that defines the cultural ethos.

Olivier Haligon comes from five generations of master craftsmen. His great grandfather helped to create the Statue of Liberty and it is his precise work as an artisan for which he has been known in the Art World. With a Masters Degree in Engineering and Mathematics, Haligon has worked with many renowned artists: Miró; Dubuffet; Rodin and Botero, advising them on the technical aspects of their creations and adapting his legacy of craftsmanship to embrace the new products and materials available today.

In 2012, Olivier Haligon began his own sculpture series and is now an emerging artist in his own right. His 3-D objects create the distinct illusion of movement, and they offer changing perspectives to the viewer, depending on the exact angle from which they are viewed. Created from layers of perforated sheet metals, Haligon’s sleek forms are the very essence of kinetic abstract art – compelling in their simplicity, magnificent in the purity of their expression.

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Markowicz Fine Art
114 NE 40th Street,
Miami, FL 33137
Ph: 305.308.6398

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