Alfa Gallery exhibits MARS

Fri 16 Jun, 2017

MARS showcases the work of eleven artists featuring a variety of mediums including: painting, performance, installation, mixed media, audiovisual work, and sculpture. This exhibit invites you to a metaphysical journey to the planet Mars, where artists explore the extrasensory human connection and perception of cosmic energy as symbolized through the “Red Planet.”

MARS challenges viewers to explore our deepest human senses through an aesthetic experience, it includes artworks by Andreas Von Gehr, Carla Fache, Claudia Lopez-Diez, Howard Hersh, Maureen Meyer, Mike Carney, Scott Massey, Susan Meyer, Tadasuke Jinno, Tomas Valdivieso, and Victor Mahana.

Exhibition on view through Sep 15, 2017

Alfa Gallery
1627 Brickell Ave suite 1607
Miami FL 33129


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