Anna Maria Maiolino at MAC

March 24th through Jun 18th, 2006Anna Maria Maiolino: Territories of Immanence is the first retrospective exhibition of this artist in the United States. One of the most important artists of her generation working in Brazil, Maiolino has always sought to connect art and life—to give structure to primordial experiences of language, self, and the body. Her work breaks down the limits of objects and medium and address issues of subjectivity and the idea that language is constantly remaking itself. The ongoing, unfinished nature of her practice flows out of a dialogue between opposite yet complementary categories that dissolve the dichotomies of inner and outer, self and other, void and matter, ancestral and contemporary. Maiolino’s drawings, paintings, sculptures, books, engravings, films, videos, installations, and performances often emphasize the immanence of the act over the concept of a permanent object. Her early artistic experiments connect her to key moments of Brazilian art history: the New Figuration movement, Neo-Concretism, and New Brazilian Objectivity. Later, she was associated with the Neo-Avant-Garde in Europe (particularly in Italy) and Minimalism and Conceptualism in the United States. Her work is linked to ideas of fertility and physical and spiritual sustenance and draws upon narratives related to the self, language, and labor as well as metaphors from the feminine imagery in daily life. These narratives connect endless chains of people, gestures, and processes. They refer, through the actions of the body and its repeated gestures, to the making and remaking of the self in the encounter with others and the creation and experience of the art object. For more information, please call: 305.455.3337

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