ArtCenter/SouthFlorida call for artists

Deadline: April 1st, 2007What is ArtCenter/SouthFlorida? Incorporated in 1984 as a non-profit artist’s organization, the ARTCENTER’s mission is to provide affordable space to emerging and established artists in an environment which facilitates artistic development, experimentation and an on-going interaction with the general public. What is the ArtCenter/SouthFlorida’s Exhibition program? Exhibitions are four- five weeks in duration and are selected from proposals submitted to the ARTCENTER. Artists, curators and educators both nationally and internationally are encouraged to submit proposals for projects. Exhibitions are awarded to projects which are of unique social interest, explore new art forms and/or explore the role of art and artists in contemporary culture. What kind of support is available? A five week exhibition space in the 800 Lincoln Road Gallery (including install and de-install dates) Full time gallery management. Maintenance of gallery space and its contents. Design, printing and distribution of an exhibition invitation, exhibition vinyl and gallery poster. Distribution to ArtCenter/SouthFlorida’s mailing list. Distribution of press materials to ArtCenter/SouthFlorida’s media list. Installation and de-installation assistance. Design, printing and distribution of exhibition support materials as agreed upon with ArtCenter/SouthFlorida’s staff. Sales Note: AC/SF will take 10% of sales made through our Lincoln Road Gallery by non- resident artists. What is the Review Process? Proposals are reviewed bi-annually by the ArtCenter/South Florida’s Exhibition Committee comprised of: Two Art Professionals (curators, historians, critics, etc.) from the South Florida community. An artist from the South Florida community. A representative from the ArtCenter/SouthFlorida’s Board of Trustees selected for his/her knowledge of the visual arts. An ArtCenter/SouthFlorida artist-in-residence. What are the criteria for exhibitions? ArtCenter/SouthFlorida is looking for engaging, ambitious and challenging exhibitions in diverse media. The committee leans toward group rather than solo exhibitions which should fulfill at least one of the following: Exploration of a traditional and / or experimental concept in art. Expression/ interrogation of one or more thematic ideas. Social and political commentary. Encouragement of interdisciplinary interactions. Group shows developed around a common aesthetic.

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