Bondages at Signature Art Gallery

Featuring Aisen Chacin From Oct 7th through Oct 28th, 2006Signature Art Gallery in Wynwood Art District is presenting the exhibition Bondages by artist Aisen Chacin, who lives and works in Houston, Texas. Chacin’s sculptural shapes question the metaphysical levels of the human existence. The tridimensional work composed by multiple forms disparately installed in the aerial space of the gallery resemble body fragments or exploded human remains that stand out in a limbic zone, dramatically frozen in the air. The pieces hang from the wall or from the ceiling in a tensional climate, visually confrontational. Their expressionistic shapes and dislocated volumes hold out a tragic allure. The pieces convey a felling of neo-romanticism in their inside object-ness. In a subtle borderline between dialectical metaphysical oppositions, they encompass frictional encounters and aggressive links. For more information, please call: 305.576.1645

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