Carol Jazzar opens Drawings

From Oct 27th through Nov 25th, 2006Drawings, the new exhibition organized by Carol Jazzar will explore three different approaches to drawing featuring works by Felice Grodin, Matthias Saillard and Veronica Castillo. Both borrowing from and subverting her training as an architect, Felice Grodin is interested in exploring drawing not as a resolute design but as a synthesized process that merges the physical and mental landscape. Her work is an ambiguous articulation of compressed space, scale and detail. The work of Matthias Saillard, a graduate from the Beaux-Arts School in Lorient, France, is complex and refined, massive and fragile, the fruit of a graphic search that turns into obsession. In the series of nudes by Saillard, the subject is a pretext that becomes erased under relentlessness. For her first show, Veronica Castillo will present a series of twelve small drawings that can be seen as a study on movement, lightness and depth. An organic requiem within a vast universe Éinfinite and floating. For more information, please call: 305.490.6906

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