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Poetry and Art From Jul 5th through Jul 13th, 2007Centro Cultural Espanol presents an exhibition and poetry reading by Cuban artist Rodrigo de la Luz entitled Los Seres de la Vitrina (The Beings in the Showcase). The event will be hosted at the Centro’s venue in Coral Gables on July 5th, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. There will be an introduction by Ignacio T. Granados. Los Seres de la Vitrina is an exhibition that will open a window to the almost ineffable world of Cuban poet and artist Rodrigo de la Luz, who created beings in his sculptures, paintings and poetry. Rodrigo’s small statues are not created with traditional materials, but with debris. It is the art of recycling glass a metals left over from society. It is a fragile but moving art that sometimes can make us smile. Rodrigo de la Luz was born in Las Villas, Cuba in 1969. In 2003 he wrote a poem book entitled Mujer de Invierno (Woman of Winter) and has written four poetry books and one storybook. His work has been published in El Ateje, Decir del Agua, Baquiana, La Revista Hispano-Cubana, Proyectocetra, and Editpar and in many other magazines and newspapers. Los Seres de la Vitrina includes acrylic paints, drawings and small sculptures in glass and metal.

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