Housewarming at ArtCenter SF

From Jul 29th through Sept 10th, 2006The ArtCenter South Florida puts out the welcome mat for Housewarming: One Bedroom, One Bathroom, A Kitchen, A Pantry, A Closet and A Patio. Housewarming celebrates the newly juried in artists-in-residence and showcases the work of Susan Lee-Chun, Marina del Rosario Huang, Kerry Phillips and Elsa Carolina Munoz. Each of the four artists has selected a room type, be it a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom or a closet for their work. The result is a piece that recreates, incorporates or alludes to the artist’s personal experiences of what this room would look like and feel like. An intimate dialogue of experience is created by exhibiting the rooms together within the gallery. Contrasting styles join together realizing a new environment where every-day household objects relate each artist’s experience of what it means to make a house into a home. The viewer is invited into this home to snoop and uncover traces of each artist. This exhibition takes place at the ArtCenter South Florida located at 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL. For more information, please call: 305.538.7887

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