CCE Miami. Play: Cuban Video Art

Cuban Contemporary Audiovisual Show From Jan 9th through Jan 18th, 2007CCE Miami is presenting the show Play: Cuban Video Art at its venue in Coral Gables from Jan 9th through 18th at 7:00 p.m. The show, curated by Mailyn Machado, displays six programs of exhibitions with similar aesthetic and thematic approaches. It includes some of the most relevant and creative avant-garde audiovisual works from the Island in fiction, documentary, video clip, publicity, animation and video art. It is compossed by more than sixty works of diverse genre. Audiovisual language has become an important way of expression for Cuban artists in the last decades. The show “Play: Video Cubano” tries to draw the wide and complex audiovisual contemporary Cuban landscape. Even though this language developed later in Cuba than in other Latin-American countries, it has arisen with a distinctive physiognomy. The increasing availability of audiovisual language has permitted the systematic aplication to visual arts as video, music as video clip, publicity as commercials, and also it has detonate the renewal that experiments today’s fiction and documentary. For more information, please call: 305.448.9677

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